Be on the lookout for fake IDs

There has been an increase in the use of fake Victorian probationary driver licences and Western Australian (WA) driver licences.

Genuine Victorian probationary licences
Contain a blue hologram with the word ‘VIC’ enclosed in a blue triangle, built into the licence. The hologram is only visible from the front of the licence when a black light is used.

Fake Victorian probationary licences
Show a hologram on the front and back of the licence when a black light is used.

Genuine WA licences
Show the word ‘Class’ underneath the date of birth.

Fake WA driver licences
Show the word ‘Class’ on the bottom left of the card.
Some fake WA driver’s licences may have the word ‘Class’ in the correct position but have an easily peelable laminate on the card.

You can enter the WA licence number, date of birth and expiry date on the WA Department of Transport website to check if the ID is real or fake.

If you think the ID is fake, ask for a second form of ID. If you’re still not convinced, you may refuse service and entry to your venue. You should seize fake IDs (other than driver licences) and give them to Victoria Police as soon as possible.

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