Embracing Digital Innovation: Victorian Licenced Venues Now Accept Digital Driver’s Licences

Victorian Licensed Venues Now Accept Digital Driver's Licences

In line with the latest advancements made by the Victorian Government, we are excited to announce a significant development in identification verification processes within our industry. Starting today, May 14th, all licensed venues throughout Victoria are now authorised to accept digital driver’s licences as valid forms of ID.

What This Change Means

This move by the Victorian Government enables over 4.5 million license holders in Victoria, including drivers of cars, motorcycles, and heavy vehicles, to use their digital licences displayed on smartphones as a legitimate form of personal identification. This transition is supported by extensive testing and successful pilot initiatives, which underscore the security and functionality of these digital IDs.

Features of the New Digital Licence

Digital driver’s licences are equipped with the following:

  • Dynamic Holograms: These provide a sophisticated layer of security that enhances visual verification.

  • Timed QR Codes: Designed for quick and secure scanning, these codes help prevent fraudulent use.

Moreover, these licences are capable of being updated in real-time, ensuring that they always reflect the most current licence conditions and personal details.

Guidance for Venues

Here are some key points every licensed venue needs to know:

  • Verification Method: The most reliable method to authenticate a digital driver’s licence is through scanning the QR code using the Service Victoria or myVicRoads apps.

  • Types of Verification:

    • Licence Details: Check the status and details of a licence including class and restrictions.

    • Personal ID Verification: Verify a person's name and address.

    • Age Verification: Confirm the legal age for purchasing age-restricted products.

All the information provided is sourced directly from the Victorian Licensing Registry, ensuring reliability and timeliness.

Resources and Support

The Victorian Government through Service Victoria is providing extensive resources to assist venues with the integration of digital licences. We encourage all businesses within our network to familiarise themselves with these changes and update their systems accordingly.

Looking to the Future

This digital initiative is set to expand by 2025 to include learners and probationary licence holders, broadening the scope and utility of digital licences further.

Enhance Your Skills

To ensure that you are fully prepared to handle these changes, consider enrolling in our RSA Courses, which are now available online and tailored specifically for Victorian regulations.

Final Thoughts

As we navigate these changes, CFT Food Safety Training is here to guide and support our students and partners in the hospitality industry. We encourage you to utilise the resources available through Service Victoria to facilitate this important transition.

For any further assistance or detailed queries, please feel free to contact us directly at CFT Food Safety Training.

Let's move forward together with confidence as we adapt to these new digital advancements, ensuring a more secure and efficient operational environment across Victoria’s hospitality sector. 

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