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For over two decades, CFT International has been at the forefront of delivering high-quality Food Safety Certificates, establishing itself as a pioneer in the field since 1998. As one of the early adopters of this vital training, we initiated classroom courses, ensuring that aspiring professionals received comprehensive education in food safety practices. Recognising the evolving landscape of education, we embraced the digital era and took a significant leap by transitioning our courses online in 2005. This foresight allowed us to reach a wider audience, making essential food safety knowledge more accessible than ever.

With a rich history of commitment to excellence, our Food Safety Certificates continue to set industry standards, equipping individuals with the expertise needed for a successful and safe career in the food industry."

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Food Safety Certificates Available

Food safety Handler

Food Safety

Learn the fundamental aspects of food safety for individuals who prepare, handle or serve food in their job roles. These courses are available across a variety of industries.

Food Safety Supervisor
LEVEL 1 & 2

Food Safety Supervisor

The Food Safety Supervisor Course delivered online with CFT teaches students about the correct food safety supervision procedures in a range of important roles.

Food Safety Supervisor Refresher

Food Safety Supervisor

If you already have a Food Safety Supervisor Certificate, it needs to be kept up to date and valid. Refresher courses allow you to update your certificate without having to start from scratch.

What's the difference between a Food Safety Supervisor and a Food Safety Handler?

The two roles have similarities in their responsibilities, but they are two different positions.

Food handlers are individuals who prepare, handle, or serve food as part of their daily responsibilities. There are thousands of professionals in Australia that handle food in some capacity, even if it is not the sole focus of their job. Under Australian law, these individuals must be trained in the foundational aspects of food safety.

On the other hand, a Food Safety Supervisor is a title that indicates the individual has undergone more comprehensive training under nominated food safety courses. In several states across Australia, state laws dictate that it is a requirement that at least one member of staff is designated as the Food Safety Supervisor. When this has been achieved through the correct food safety certification, the business can obtain a food business license to operate legally.

Food Handlers only require Level One training, whereas Food Safety Supervisors must complete Levels One and Two.

Trusted by big brands. heart icon by 200,000+ students and businesses around Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hospitality or Retail? 

If you need a Food Safety Supervisor qualification for a hospitality or retail food business, you will need Level 1 & Level 2 – unit codes SITXFSA001 & SITXFSA002.

See here: Hospitality & Retail Food Safety Courses

(if you are based in NSW then please look here: NSW Food Safety Courses)

Community & Health?

If you want a Food Safety Supervisor qualification for working in early childhood, aged care, and hospitals, then you will need to choose HLTFSE001 and HLTFSE007, and then HLTFSE005.

See here: Community & Health Food Safety Courses

Food Processing Industry?

Bakeries, food processing, and food manufacturers require the following food safety units FBPFSY1002 and FBPFSY2002.

See here: Food Processing Industry Food Safety Courses

Whilst there are no prerequisites to completing the majority of the Food Safety Certificates, it is crucial to enrol in the course that is relevant to your industry of work. Students complete the courses for a diverse range of reasons, but completing coursework outside your industry of work, may not qualify you for your relevant sector.

Regarding the hospitality & retail industry, all units of competency in the relevant courses are transferable to the retail sector and vice versa. Community and health services units are only applicable in that field.

For advice on the right course for you, we encourage you to speak with your employer or local council about the requirements in your State or Territory. Alternatively, you may get in contact with a member of the CFT team at 1300 665 633 or via

No – all CFT courses are completely online and are designed to allow students to complete the requirements at their own pace.

Students can log in and out as they wish to pick up on training where they left off. Courses are accessible at any time, and anywhere, with access available 24/7, 365 days per year.

Compared to the other states’ food safety courses, NSW operates under different legislation, requiring different competencies.

The NSW Food Authority has a prerequisite for the subsequent certificate to be issued in the New South Wales Food Authority format. As CFT is an approved provider and RTO, we are supplied with these ‘blank’ certificates, which will be filled in with the student’s; details and recorded by the NSW Food Authority upon completion of their relevant food safety courses.

If you are based in NSW then please look here: NSW Food Safety Courses)

Studying at your own pace will see completion times vary between students.

How long it takes you to complete the course will depend on the amount of time you have to study and complete the course, any existing food safety knowledge, and other external factors.

Trusted by 200,000+ students and businesses around Australia

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Hospitality & Retail

CFT offers accredited Food Safety Certifications for those working in hospitality or retail. The courses offered include certifications for staff and supervisors, and are created by experienced professionals.

Community & Health

Community and health services require their staff to have Food Safety Certifications. This includes Child Care Centres, Aged Care, Hospitals and Meals on Wheels. The certification program is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills they need to handle food safely.

Food Processing Industry

Food safety is an important issue in the food processing industry. By completing a food safety certification program, businesses can ensure that their staff and supervisors are knowledgeable about food safety practices and can provide safe products to consumers.

NSW Food Safety

CFT's NSW Food Safety Certification will help to boost the knowledge and skills of food safety supervisors and minimise foodborne illness. In addition, the nsw food safety certification from CFT will give you the peace of mind that your food business is compliant with all relevant legislation.

Food Safety Certificates

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Very professional course, easy to follow and complete. Friendly and informative staff on the phone. Would highly recommend CFT International for all of our food safety courses.

Barbara McConnell

I have completed two courses with CFT and very happy with the quality of the training and support provided by staff. I have used CFT International for many years and thoroughly recommend their training.

Joanne Lallantyne

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