Hospitality COVID19 Restrictions to be eased in NSW and VIC

We are breathing a sigh of relief as restrictions on restaurants and cafes are set to ease as COVID19 restrictions are lifted in NSW and VIC.

From July 1st capacity limits for hospitality businesses in NSW are being scrapped.  The 4 square metre rule will remain in place – meaning that each person at the venue must have 4 square metres of space to themselves.

In good news for caterers in the state, sporting grounds with a capacity of 40,000 are allowed to reopen but only at a quarter capacity, and weddings are also permitted under the 4 square metre rule (although restrictions apply such as the use of dancefloors). Nightclubs, however, must be remained closed in New South Wales.

On 22 June Hospitality venues in Victoria are moving from a 20 person capacity limit to a 50 person capacity limit, as long as the four square metre rule can be adhered to.

Customers are able to buy a drink without consuming a meal, but all customers must be seated at a table. Standing at or ordering at a bar is not permitted. All customers must also leave contact details with the venue in case contact tracing is required.

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