Lupin labelling now mandatory in Australia and New Zealand

Lupin labelling now mandatory.  After 26 May 2018 all businesses are required to declare lupins on the label where they are present in food or ingredients.

Food service staff must now also check for lupin on the label of a product, ensuring they provide accurate information when a customer asks about allergens in foods that are being served.
Following a twelve-month transition period from the date of gazettal, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is reminding food businesses that mandatory allergen labelling requirements for lupin commenced on 26 May 2018.

FSANZ CEO, Mark Booth, said lupin is a legume which belongs to the same plant family as peanuts, and has the potential to be an allergen.

In Australia, lupin has not typically been used in food, however, due to its high protein and fibre content we are seeing an increase in its use,” Mr Booth said.

Any foods that contain lupin must declare it on the label from 26 May 2018 – even if it’s already on the shelf.”

Correct allergen labelling can mean the difference between life and death for people with food allergies so it is vital that food businesses get it right.”

Even if the food is not in a package (for example, food prepared at and sold from a takeaway shop), allergen information must be displayed in connection with the food or provided to the purchaser if requested,” Mr Booth said.

This article is reproduced with permission of The Allergen Bureau Limited.
Further information about lupin allergy can be accessed on the FSANZ website.
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