Young talent crucial to get hospitality venues open

An influx of young talent could be crucial at helping the nation’s venues get back on their feet as Australian students are eager to work.

The implications of COVID-19 and the shutdown of international travel is both the cause of, and solution to one of the big problems facing Australia’s hospitality industry.  Venue operators and managers have been hit by staffing shortages as the usual influx of international travellers and backpackers has not happened this year as borders have been closed.

However survey results show that a massive 88.73 per cent of students were looking for part-time or full-time time work now that high school had ended, with 68.31 per cent happy to work in the hospitality industry.

  • Most students (76.06 per cent) will look for part-time work now school has ended to supplement their higher education at university, college or TAFE, with 12.67 per cent looking for full-time work.
  • Many high school students (59.16 per cent) felt anxious about finding a job now school had ended
  • 65.49 per cent of students said COVID had not made them re-think their desired career path and profession.

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