7 Mistakes in the Kitchen to avoid this Xmas, CFT Food Safety training

See the 7  Mistakes in the Kitchen to avoid this Xmas published by Queensland Health, CFT Food Safety training.

It is so important to handle food correctly in the kitchen and to know how to store left overs properly – all to avoid food poisoning.  There is nothing festive about food poisoning!  To avoid spreading these nasty bugs here’s a list of mistakes to avoid-

  1. An overloaded and disorganised fridge – Remember how to store food groups correctly to avoid cross contamination – keeping raw food away from cooked food.  We cover the area of cross contamination in our food safety training.
  2. Washing your turkey before cooking it – Cooking your turkey thoroughly will kill harmful bacteria so there’s no need to wash it.  Washing raw meat can increase the spread of bacteria that can lead to gastro.
  3. No pest control – Let’s face it, they are always around us.  Keep food covered in air-tight containers and use lids.  Rather than spraying harmful chemicals keep food covered.
  4. Using the same chopping board for everything – Invest in colour-coded multiple chopping boards.  Prevent cross contamination by using different chopping boards for different food groups.
  5. If it looks and smells good you can eat it – Wrong! You can’t always tell if something is safe to eat by its look, smell or even taste.  Ensure you refrigerate leftovers immediately and use within 2 days.  Food left out of the fridge for more than 4 hours should be thrown up.
  6. Using one pair of tongs for the BBQ – Use separate utensils to flip raw and serve cooked meat and vegies.
  7. Thawing food on the bench – Defrost foods in the fridge (allow enough time for frozen meat) or the microwave.  Not on the bench as the room tempature can quickly cause bacterial growth.

Brought to you by Feel Good Facts, a Queensland Health initiative

Because there is nothing festive about food poisoning, be diligent in ensuring your food has been handled safely.

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