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CFT International, a top provider of Food Safety and RSA training, boasts a wealth of experience in crafting training programs tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Our direct collaboration with companies has spanned over a quarter of a century.

In the industry, CFT is acknowledged as a pioneer in establishing and sustaining partnerships with our clients. By closely collaborating with them to assess their needs, structures, plans, and workforce capabilities, we jointly plan the approach to achieve our client's short and long-term goals.

Trusted by big brands. heart icon by 200,000+ students and businesses around Australia.

Unbeatable Benefits For Our Corporate Partners

At CFT, we have adopted a flexible approach that enables us to provide either standard or bespoke training solutions.

In partnership with numerous large organisations, we see the benefits of enhancing their workforce within a nationally recognised competency-based assessment framework. We guarantee that the training we deliver complies with industry accreditation standards.

Bulk Pricing

We offer bulk pricing discounts. 

Bulk Invoicing

We offer the ability to pay for all your learners in a one off monthly payment. 

Affiliate Program

Contact us to find out more about our affiliate program to earn commission. 


Robust and Dependable e-Learning Platform

CFT's e-learning platform provides a user friendly, accessible way for businesses to ensure their employees are properly trained in the importance and responsibility of maintaining high standards when handling foods.


Manage Your Teams Online Staff Training

With our easy access to historical and active training records, you'll never have worry about ensuring that your team is complient or up-to date again.


Get an Instant View of Student Progress

CFT brings the power of technology into food safety training. The innovative platform allows you to instantaneously see any individual student or group and monitor how they're doing in their studies.


In-App Employee Management

See all of your student's progress in one place, with access to view. print or download their certificates anytime you need it. You can even set up reminders for yourself or the staff when their training needs refreshing!

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