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CFT has been a leader in Food Safety Training for businesses for over 25 years, and we are proud to have helped major businesses locally and nationally to comply with Food Safety Training requirements. Whether you are a small, large, or enterprise business, CFT has the experience and knowledge required to help your staff become compliant and certified. Food safety is essential for businesses in the food industry, and CFT is committed to helping businesses keep their employees and customers safe.

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Group training at your workplace

By having CFT’s experienced trainers and assessors come to you, you can be sure that the content of our classes and learning material is exactly what your learners need.


Training online for your employees

CFT's e-learning platform is an essential tool for any employer striving to provide their employees with the best possible food safety training.

Online Training

The trusted provider of food safety & RSA training for businesses around Australia for over 25 years. 

Why do businesses need food safety training? 

All food businesses in Australia must comply with the National Food Safety Standards

All staff working in a food business need to know how to keep food safe, and your business needs to show evidence that your staff understands and follows processes to keep the food you serve safe.

Depending on the type of food business you operate, there are different food safety requirements that need to be met. These requirements are set by State and Territory Health Departments and enforced by local council Environmental Health Officers (EHO).
All food businesses must have a Food Safety Supervisor who is responsible for ensuring that food safety standards are met.
You can find out more about registering your food business, using a food safety program, and the food safety training you will need by visiting your local council website. Your local council EHO will also visit and inspect your premises.

CFT has been delivering Food Safety Training throughout Australia for over 25 years. CFT offers many flexible training solutions to meet your business needs, including online, individual, and classroom group training, as well as training at your own premises.

We have trained many hospitality, franchise, aged care, and childcare centre staff in a group setting. Our Food Safety Training is Nationally Accredited and delivered by CFT who are a Registered Training Organisation, so you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality training available.

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