The CFT Story

We have spent over 25 years growing CFT into one of the leading providers of Food Safety and RSA certificates online whilst still keeping true to our roots as being a family run RTO that cares about our students.

Trusted by big brands. heart icon by 200,000+ students and businesses around Australia.

The History of CFT


CFT is created

CFT Founder, Margret started delivering
Food Safety Training all over VIC through in
the Community House Network.



The first college in the classrom

CFT became the first college in Australia to start delivering Food Safety Training in classrooms.



The first college online

CFT went online! And became one of the
first colleges to start delivering Food Safety
Training online!



2010 Shanghai World Expo Unit

As one of the leading Food Safety Colleges in Australia, CFT was invited by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to exhibit online Food Safety in the Australian Pavillion.



Updated systems

It's not just about our students! In 2015 we moved all our administration team to 'working from home' remotely allowing our staff to have a better work/ life balance.

(5 years before covid hit and caused such a huge shift in rempote working) 

This involved a huge overhaul of all our systems to allow us to carry on providing the high class service that students and partners come to expect from us.  



Still leading the field

With over 200,000+ previous students, CFT
is still leading the industry in providing high
quality, accredited Food Safety, and RSA Training Courses throughout Australia.


CFT’s biggest focus remains on our students making sure they have access to the best Food Safety Training to keep their customers and businesses safe from food poisoning.


Early Years

To address the problem of thousands of people getting food poisoning each year the government required all food businesses to implement a Food Safety Program and nominate a Food Safety Supervisor who needed to be trained and responsible for keeping food safe. This was the catalyst that inspired Margret Leslie to form CFT Food Safety Training.

At the time, the industry especially, small businesses, was struggling to comply with this legislation. Margret had a background in Hospitality, studying at William Angliss in the 1970’s then owning and operating several successful hospitality venues through the 1980’s, she well understood the pressures businesses were under. In 1993 she graduated from Melbourne University with a diploma of teaching, this put her in a perfect position to assist people to stay in business and meet their legal responsibilities.


First and Original Food Safety & RSA Colleges


One of the leading Food Safety & RSA Colleges in Australia

Since then CFT has trained well over 200,000 Safe Food Handlers and works closely with leading businesses and household names to help them achieve meet Food Safety Legislation requirements.

To this day, CFT still partners with Community Houses to make compliance training available in local communities.

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Students from all around the world have used CFT International's online courses to study and achieve nationally recognised qualifications in RSA and Food Safety.

For Employers

Working with businesses around Australia for over 25 years to upskill and support their staff with regulatory requirements in Food Safety and Responsible Service of Alcohol.

Trusted by 200,000+ students and businesses around Australia

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CFT in the community

CFT in the Community

CFT in the Community is more than just a program, it's a fundamental part of who we are and what we do.

We’ve been delivering our courses through the Community House Network for over 25 years. By working with local organisations, we're able to reach people who might not otherwise have access to food safety education

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