Aussies are fast-food and alcohol obsessed

Aussies have nominated coffee and booze as the two things they can’t live without …and we feel guilty about it!

An article published by David Aidone, News Corp Australia Network revealed this and more.

Fast food proved to be our biggest food-related regret, followed by sweets including chocolates and ice-cream.

Many respondents indicated sweets were their guilty pleasure, with alcohol and fast food also making the top three in this category.

While Australians could be commended for their love of coffee, their love of the bottle has caused alarm.

Beer, wine and spirits took second place on the list of items we couldn’t live without, and also emerged as one of our top guilty pleasures.

Professor Merlin Thomas, a health expert at Monash University’s Central Clinical School said  “With alcohol it’s easy to go too far, and excess drinking and binge drinking are a major cause of illness and death in Australians through bad choices, accidents, violence and the bodily effects of excess alcohol on the liver and brain.”

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Read the full article here.


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