Changes to aged care food and drink framework on its way!

With Australia’s aging population projected to more than double by 2057, food and drink for older individuals is an area in need of attention.  Changes to aged care food and drink framework on its way.

An article posted by Dr Julie Chicero on 05/09/18 explains that about 40-60 per cent of people in aged care have trouble with chewing and swallowing to the point where they are at risk of choking on food.  Research by Monash University has found that choking on food is the second highest cause of preventable death in aged care.

Texture modified foods and thick drinks are used to minimise risks associated with choking and the development of life-threatening pneumonia.  On 1 May 2019 Australia will join many other countries around the world in transitioning to a new international standardised terminology for these speciality texture modified foods and drinks – the IDDSI Framework (  Click here to read the full article.

CFT International, RTO 21120, is the leading provider of food safety training throughout Australia.  Those working in food service in the aged care industry must remain up to date with their food safety training.  Student’s can enrol and train with us online, any time from any where.  Click here to enrol into food safety training for aged care industry.

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