Enjoy Eggs Safely! CFT Food Safety.

Today is World Egg Day!  Enjoy your eggs safely.  Follow these food safety tips.

Eggs are a healthy, nutritious part of many Australians’ diet. Like all perishable food they need careful handling to keep them safe.  Click here to read the NSW Food Authority advice on egg safety.

Food that is not properly handled, including eggs, can make people ill. Symptoms can include headache, fever, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting which can last days or weeks.

Most shell eggs in Australia are clean and free from bacteria but sometimes harmful bugs can be found:

  • on the egg, which is more likely if the shell is dirty with dirt, chicken poo or feathers stuck to the outside
  • inside the egg, which is more likely if the shell is cracked. Some cracks are obvious but even hairline cracks where the shell looks intact can be a problem.

If an egg is cracked or dirty throw it out.

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