How Australians Will Eat This Easter

The following article published by Australian Food News said that just under half of all Australians will eat chocolate for breakfast this Easter Sunday!

This Easter, Australians are gearing up for a delightful feast, and Woolworths has unveiled some fascinating insights into their anticipated culinary celebrations. It appears that Easter chocolate bunnies are set to hop into the hearts of about two-thirds of Australians, spreading sweetness and joy. Additionally, nearly half of the population is embracing the tradition of hosting lively egg hunts, transforming backyards into festive hunting grounds.

Woolworths is bracing itself for a whopping demand for Hot Cross Buns, with a staggering 13.8 million of these Easter delights expected to be devoured across the nation. Surprisingly, 80 percent of Hot Cross Bun enthusiasts prefer to crown their buns with the creamy goodness of butter, turning a simple treat into a decadent delight.

In the seafood realm, Australians are poised to make waves in their culinary choices. Woolworths is anticipating a seafood frenzy, with an impressive projection of over 270,000 kilograms of Australian prawns and 130,000 kilograms of fresh Tasmanian salmon set to be sold in the week leading up to Easter. It seems that seafood will be a star player on many Easter tables, adding a touch of oceanic flair to the festive spread.

For those curious about the intricacies of Australians’ Easter culinary habits, the option to delve deeper into the details is just a click away- find out more here: How Australians Will Eat This Easter. Perhaps there are more surprises and unique traditions waiting to be uncovered in the lead-up to this joyous holiday.

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