Research shows Aussies aren’t washing their hands before touching food

The Food Safety Information Council released alarming research that shows Aussies aren’t always washing their hands before touching food.

The Council’s research also shows that 20% of Australians admit that they don’t always wash their hand after going to the toilet.

“…This behaviour could be contributing to the estimated 4.1million cases of food poisoning each year not to mention spreading viral infections such as cold, influenza and norovirus,’ Lydia Buchtmann, the Council’s Communication Director.

Poor handwashing knowledge among young people is also a concern as they often become professional food handlers.

‘The research shows gender differences as men were less likely than women to always wash hands after going to the toilet (76% of men versus 82% of women) and before touching food (59% men versus 66% women). Young people were less likely than older age groups to always wash their hands after going to the toilet (69% under 34 years versus 86% over 50 years) and before touching food (59% under 34 versus 63% over 50).

The Council released a package with guides and videos for proper handwashing. Click here to access these.

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