Food Business – preparing to recommence operations

Food businesses (such as cafes and restaurants) must be well prepared to recommence normal business operations  after non-essential business restrictions have been lifted.

Before you re-open or re-commence operations you must check for any changes to business restrictions and whether any specific guidelines or requirements to recommence business apply in your state or territory.

Food regulators have developed a voluntary checklist to help food business with preparing recommence.  Click here for the Food Safety Checklist for Businesses (such as cafes and restaurants).

Some states and territories may have specific requirements such as completing a particular COVID-19 Food safety checklist. See below links to State and territory specific guidelines and requirements for recommencing food business operations:

Remember it is still just as important as ever to ensure your staff are fully trained and have the latest food safety skills!  If your staff need to upskill or complete their accredited Food Safety training we can help.

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