Standard 3.3.2A – A Detailed Copy About Who the Changes Effect

Types of Businesses Covered by Standard 3.3.2a:

Standard 3.3.2a applies to the following food service and closely related retail businesses, categorised as either category one or category two businesses:

  • Restaurants

  • Cafés

  • Pubs

  • Hotels with table service

  • Smorgasbords

  • Supermarkets and delis

  • Takeaway shops/milk bars

  • Hospitals

  • Aged care facilities

  • Childcare centres

  • Canteens

  • Mobile food vendors

  • Bakeries

  • Juice bars

  • Supermarkets

  • Service stations

  • Clubs serving food

Requirements for Food Handlers: Food handlers in both categories must meet specific requirements outlined in clauses 8 and 9. Businesses must ensure that all food handlers:

  • Have completed a food safety training course or possess appropriate skills and knowledge before handling high-risk foods.

Topics Covered by the Food Safety Training Course: The food safety training course must cover the following topics:

  • Safe handling of food, including temperature control and understanding the danger zone

  • Food contamination prevention, managing allergens, food separation, and utensil usage

  • Cleaning and sanitising food premises and equipment using correct procedures and substances

  • Personal hygiene, encompassing hand-washing, grooming, and uniform guidelines

Training Options: Businesses have flexibility in choosing training methods. They can opt for:

  • Accredited courses from training providers

  • Developing their training programs

Training Record Keeping: Businesses must maintain records of training completed by food handlers to demonstrate compliance with the standard.

Role of Food Safety Supervisor (FSS): A trained and competent supervisor (FSS) must oversee food handlers in category one and two businesses. The FSS should:

  • Possess recent certification within the past five years

  • Have skills to manage safe food handling, particularly high-risk food

  • Have the authority to supervise and instruct other food handlers

FSS Certification: FSS certificates must be obtained from a registered training organisation. Refreshers are available for certification renewal, while the complete FSS course must be retaken every five years.

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