Today is National Burger Day!

And the best way to celebrate National Burger Day is to sink your teeth into a juicy, fresh hamburger!

Support local food businesses, take away, restaurants and fast food chains.  Enjoy a burger with your friends and work colleagues.  For those in Victoria, why not get a burger delivered?

The history of a hamburger –

Originating in Hamburg, Germany, the hamburger as we know it was developed in Seymour, Wisconsin, USA, a town still famous for its hamburger heroics.

People have been eating cooked meat on bread for centuries, but the association with Hamburg seems to stem from a 1758 recipe for a dish called the “Hamburg Sausage.” Others think the name originates from a cruise company known as the Hamburg America Line, which served its passengers similar sandwiches in the Mid-1800s. To this day, there is little agreement over who actually created the iconic food.

So how do you celebrate National Burger Day?  By eating a hamburger, of course!


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