Fines being dished out in Sydney venues for COVID breaches

Fines are being issued to food venues as inspectors are on the ground visiting food outlets.

A reminder to Sydney food venues you must be registered as ‘COVIDSafe’.

You also need to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.  Details are included in our Food Safety courses for NSW.

In Sydney last week, inspectors issued fines to several venues for breaches such as inadequate spacing between tables and gaming machines being too close together. These included venues such as pubs, cafes, restaurants and bowling clubs. These venues were also lacking a COVID-19 Safety Plan or were not registered as ‘COVIDSafe’.

In the wake of 23 Sydney venues being issued with COVID-related fines, authorities are now looking to the public to report any unsafe practices they might see whilst dining out. The NSW Government are asking for feedback and reporting of breaches from the public.


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