Minors and alcohol don’t mix!

A timely reminder from Liquor Control Victoria:

Minors and alcohol don’t mix

As you know, serving or selling alcohol to minors is prohibited. To ensure you remain compliant with the law:

  • Don’t promote underage drinking in your advertising (e.g. images of minors on social media platforms).
  • Train staff on how to check IDs and what to do if the ID is fake. See Be on the lookout for fake IDs below.
  • Train staff on how to refuse the sale of liquor to minors.
  • Display Approved forms of ID in Victoria and Supply liquor to under 18s is illegal posters in your venue.
  • Train staff to identify and refuse secondary supply.
  • Implement training, policies, and procedures to prevent minors from purchasing and receiving liquor online.

We look forward to sharing and discussing the results of Cancer Council Victoria’s 2022 secondary student alcohol and drug survey. The last survey found the most common source of alcohol for minors was parents (48%), followed by friends over 18 (17%), or a purchase by someone else (11%).

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